Friday, February 6, 2009

Laid Off Workers - Don’t Wait By the Phone

Until the unemployment rate started pushing toward 8% nationally, most people cited “time” as their most depleted resource. Time was so precious, many people were happy to shell out a few extra bucks for conveniences that would save them time -- five minutes here, an hour there. It was the cost of doing business -- the business of life.

So it would go to reason that with nearly 8% of people unemployed, that all of these people, with all of this new-found time, would engage in all the activities they once only “openly wished” was possible. They would volunteer more at local charities, join the PTA, keep in closer contact with friends and family, and finally paint the living room that’s been “needing a fresh coat” for more than a few years now.

But it doesn’t work that way. Because as it turns out, even when the entire world understands that laid off workers are victims of a down economy, losing the reason to wake up at six o’clock every morning also takes away a great deal of the fuel that propelled a lot of folks busily and merrily from task-to-task for 12 hours straight.

When the money doesn’t come in, sacrifices have to be made. As it turns out, many folks would rather give up a home phone than the freedom a cell phone offers -- and those formerly huge minutes-per-month plans get cut back too, to the basics. And that means that when a call comes in from a friend on daytime minutes, unless it includes news about a newly posted job opening, those daytime minutes have to be saved for interviews and other job-critical calls.

At night, people aren’t staying up enjoying all those free nighttime minutes -- and weekend minutes, those aren’t being burned up either. So much of our lives are wrapped up in our jobs, that without a micro-managing boss to complain about, or the loud-talker in the cubicle next door, a lot of people don’t have anything they want to talk about. And even if they did, despite having more time than ever -- they just don’t have the energy.

For the remaining 92% still employed, self-employed, or intentionally unemployed, the best course of action is to simply give our friends their time and space. Don’t wait by the phone, or wonder why they haven’t called. They will at some point. It’s just one more way the world has once again changed.

It turns out that as critical of a resource as time is and was, maybe it’s not the only resource that matters. Maybe what’s more critical is the presence of friends who care from a distance, remain close but not too close, and know enough not to wait by the phone.

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* This blog post is written in honor and memory of my very dear friend and mentor, Eileen Mintz, who lost her battle with cancer on Sunday, February 1, 2009.

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Ally Johnson said...

It's hard to believe the unemployment rate has soared to 8%. Times are tough all around and getting back to the basics sounds pretty good right now.
Yes it stinks to be laid off but why not use your unexpected free time to do something proactive that will help you in the long run? Why not brainstorm a list of the things you've always wanted to do but never had time for and then choose one? Or create an action plan that will help you take steps towards pursuing a new job or career that will tap your own potential for greatness? Each of us has our own unique set of gifts and often we overlook them and settle for the next quick fix. Why not use this time to establish some new goals that will allow you to use your gifts and talents and bring a sense of fulfillment at the same time? Where do you want to be in 1 year, 5 years or even 10?
You can choose how you want to you want to be a victim or do you want to cast a new vision for your life? You don't have to wait by the phone, you can chart a new course. You already have what it takes, sometimes taking a journey of self exploration opens our eyes to a whole new world...what do you want to do?
Ok, now find a way to do it.