Thursday, December 31, 2009

Creating Job Security Resource Guide 2010 edition has arrived!

For so many, 2009 was a year we're only far too happy to say goodbye to as we welcome 2010. For those still unemployed -- 75% of those who lost jobs in 2009 were men -- the promise of a better job market ahead cannot come soon enough.

As the job market recovers in 2010, and it will, the secret to finding the job you want, need, and are qualified for will be finding the resources that connect you to hiring managers in your field. While large job portals have their place, hiring managers can afford to cherry-pick the best and brightest job candidates right now. And to find job seekers with industry experience, they're turning to industry specific job portals rather than to the big boards.

Creating Job Security Resource Guide, 2010 edition, includes nearly 130 critical job resources you need to find the job you want this week or this month.

To get you started, here a a few of my favorites. More are included in Chapter 6:
Advanced Manufacturing -
Biotech/Pharmaceuticals -
Educational tutoring -
Freelance jobs and temp work - (this is an awesome site!)
Hospitality -
Human Resources -
Marketing / PR -

If you know someone who is looking for a job or a career, there is no better guide than the Creating Job Security Resource Guide, 2010 edition. At just $8.95, it will cost you less than a bistro sandwich for lunch.

Thanks to the Mike Siegel Show in Seattle, Wash. for inviting me to guest on the Dec. 23, 2009 show dedicated to the economy and jobs market. To listen to this broadcast, download or save the MP3 at