Sunday, January 24, 2010

State of the Union to Focus on Jobs - it’s time to put forth real solutions that get Americans back to work!

With nearly 16 million people officially unemployed and millions more underemployed, it seems only natural that unemployment is top of mind for most Americans, and that it should be President Obama's focus for the State of the Union speech this coming Wednesday. Despite the political sensitivities of the moment, employement (or unemployment) is not merely a political platform. It's an American concern and something all leaders should be concerned with working together on rather than using to distinguish themselves from their philosophical opponents.

While each side will have their say and the political pundits will no doubt weigh in too, unemployment should be a concern that brings us together.

If you are among the millions of families affected by the economy -- and who isn't? -- it doesn't matter which sides exist or which political party is more concerned with which "voters." It shouldn't be about unions or non-union workers. There is only one issue that matters and that is how government and business will work together to incent job growth.

Even healthcare reform, while of critical importance, has become a divisive diversion and should be shelved temporarily while we work together to get Americans back to work. Just as the country came together after 9-11, it's time to come together to create real solutions that get Americans working and America back on track.

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