Sunday, March 7, 2010

I hear you and I understand

Several of you have direct messaged Twitter @Job_Security over the past few weeks asking why I hadn't been posting as much, and when I was planning to offer my next class at Kaplan University. Recently, life has made me starkly aware of the fact that despite my best intentions, sometimes I just don't have the energy to get everything done.

For years I have encouraged job seekers to set benchmarks for yourselves and keep going even when you're tired. Aside from a job or job search, there is so much to which we find ourselves committed these days -- families, sports, clubs, housework, gardens, paperwork, etc.

Spring is arriving and not a day too soon for many. I spent a day I had reserved for organizing my tax back-up for my accountant to instead cleaning out my garage. A friend is coming to visit this week and it didn't make sense for her to park on the street just because half my garage was disorganized. Now she can park inside -- but my taxes still need to be prepped. How many times have you set time aside to do something only to spend it on something else? Does it help to know that you're not alone?

For those who are discouraged about long job searches, I hear you and I understand. Life is never as simple as only handing us one challenge at a time.

In addition to writing this blog, guest lecturing at multiple universities, granting interviews to national publications and continually researching the newest, hottest job resources, I'm also the Director of Marketing & PR for two hospitals. It's an exciting challenge and I love it. But it means I often come home to a sink with dirty dishes or a garbage that "needs to go out" today.

And on top of this, my dad is very ill. He was diagnosed with aggressive kidney cancer in January. How many of your are like me in that work and projects offer up an emotional escape from dealing with the realities of life?

I'm still going to encourage you to keep the faith, keep setting benchmarks, and keep networking. If you haven't taken the time to plug yourself into the Green Light Scoring Model for several months or more than a year, do yourself a favor and make the time to revisit this. You may find that your interests or your priorities have changed. The Green Light Scoring Model (included in the Creating Job Security Resource Guide) can support you in finding the job that is most ideal for you right now.

And finally, when you don't accomplish everything on your list, try not to feel discouraged or lose hope. What matters is that you do the best you can with each day you have.