Saturday, October 25, 2008

Managing Your Network of Contacts Should Be a Snap – Now It Is!

Clearly, the first step in Creating Job Security is figuring out what the ideal job for you is right now. If you are uncertain about what that is, or you’d like to explore new opportunities, the Green Light Scoring Model can help you unlock your own possibilities.

But what if you have found that idea job, and now you need to work to support that? Whether you opt to work for yourself or an outside employer, managing your network of contacts is critical.

The other day, I was talking to a highly-connected friend of mine – a producer in Hollywood whose very career is impacted by her contacts. I shared with her my post and asked her why she had not joined. She confessed it was simply a “time issue.” Being signed up on social networks elsewhere, she was hesitant to “take on” what she felt was another obligation.

For those of you who find your lives to be as busy and complicated as that of a Hollywood producer, you may want to check out It’s a free service that allows you to simultaneously update all your social networks in a snap. They are networked to both the familiar sites, and to things and places that are even new to me. Whether you have contacts on Twitter, Facebook, Plaxo, Linkedin, Friendster, Myspace, Kwippy, Xanga, Bebo – or others – you can update all of them at once.

The good news is that you can update from the Web, AIM, GTalk, iGoogle, iPhone, iPod Touch, SMS, e-mail, Windows Live Messenger, WAP and Yahoo! Messenger. The bad news is that even busy Hollywood producers no longer have an excuse for avoiding keeping up-to-date with the hottest social network trends available today.

Creating Job Security – the 2009 All-In-One Workbook is coming soon. The information included in this blog post is too new to be included in the 2009 book but will be included in some capacity in the 2010 edition.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why create an annual workbook?

The challenge of creating job security can shape and color your entire view of life for a time. And if it does, you're not alone.

Many people who are normally self-motivated, energetic and experts at multitasking suddenly find themselves feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin when their financial future seems to be at risk. Maybe you were once dynamic and confident – only to suffer a career setback that shook your confidence and left you feeling defensive or at a loss for what to do next. If so, you understand what millions of people are experiencing around the world in these challenging financial times.

Often when people feel uncertain about where to begin, they simply need a structured plan that walks them step-by-step through the process of discovery. The 2009 all-in-one workbook serves as a guide that gently and carefully takes the reader through the easy steps to creating job security. While case studies absolutely have their place – and you can find them in the original Creating Job Security Through Mobility and Diversitythis workbook is for fast track readers who have a goal of Creating Job Security right now.

We’ve all been there. Whether you are looking at creating your own job security or throwing a lifeline to someone you know, the Creating Job Security workbook provides the structure, guidance and resources that can make that critical difference – all in one convenient and portable guide.

Creating Job Security: the 2009 All-in-One Workbook will be released by The Graduate Group in time for the holidays. What better gift could you give yourself or someone you care about than the gift of help in Creating Job Security in 2009 and beyond?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Are you ready to experience true job security?

It doesn't matter how many tips you receive on headhunters or work-at-home opportunities, unless you know what's right for you, at this point in your life, tips are simply random pieces of information that won't affect your life or your search for a career that meets your needs right now.

To be truly successful, you need an objective, mathematical, statistical means for determining the best possible position for you right now. The only way to achieve this is through a scoring model.

Creating Job Security: the 2009 All-In-One Workbook is coming soon. Finally, everything you need, in one easy-to-use package, to help you discover the ideal job for you right now.