Monday, February 23, 2009

Bank of Obama: Send a Bailout Check to Your Friends

As someone who takes the economic crisis very seriously, and is dedicated to helping job seekers find resources that will result in them finding their ideal job right now, I would never intentionally make light of the very serious situation facing millions of people. Having said that, I am also a huge believer in the value of humor and an occasional fun prank (providing you are sensitive to those you let in on the joke.)

This post (on Mashable) is an attempt at stimulus humor. Bank of Obama: Send a Bailout Check to Your Friends It is not real. It will not solve the credit crisis - nor any other real crisis. But I hope you have some fun with it like I plan to.

As long as I can remember, my sister has been talking about someday winning the lottery. So the Bank of Obama isn't the lottery, but if I send her a check for $10,000,000, I bet I can get her to at least chuckle or shake her head.

A serious post is coming soon. Enjoy this one for what it is... some light humor on a day when the markets gave us all a really ugly dose of reality.

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