Monday, April 11, 2011

Crisis Averted... for a few days

There is never "the best time" to turn the ship around. There are many good times, in fact, any time before the iceberg, the edge of the waterfall, or any other game-changing crisis is a good time to turn the ship around. The republicans and democrats have been discussing the 2011 US budget for several weeks now as deadlines continue to loom and be pushed out "just in time" following tiny compromises. What crisis is looming in your career or your financial life? Have you received warnings to turn the ship around? Are there signs that the direction you're headed is going to require a path change? The Creating Job Security Resource Guide is your map to navigating a harsh job market. It includes all the tools you need in a compact package that doesn't waste your time with a lot of extra talk. Maybe you were waiting for the jobs to come back, only to discover that the new jobs may not pay what you've been making in a position that has become highly dissatisfactory. Maybe you are nearing the end of unemployment and you're trying to decide if you should take a lower job with lower pay or wait for a position you desire. There are some decisions that are just never easy. The secret is to compile the facts, jump in with your heart, and turn the wheel. The water may be choppy, and sacrifices may be required, but you'll be heading in the right direction before you know it.

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