Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are Jobless Claims Peaking?

Jobless claims have historically peaked six to 10 weeks before recessions end, according to a report by Goldman Sachs. "But the latest report shows job losses remain high. The four-week average of claims, which smoothes out volatility, dropped slightly to 646,750, about 12,000 below the peak in early April. Goldman Sachs economists have said a decline of 30,000 to 40,000 in the four-week average is needed to signal a peak."

For survival, many people take whatever job they can get. It's a good strategy to pay the rent. But for true job security, it's important to find the ideal job for you right now -- a traditional job or entrepreneurial position that considers your needs for income, opportunity, creativity, feasibility, flexibility, stability and longevity.

Imagine if there was a scoring model that could help you create the ideal job for you this month. There is. It's called the Green Light Scoring Model and it's available through The Graduate Group. For only $30, including tax and shipping, you can truly discover the ideal job for you right now. (Career experts, contact me about a free PDF to make your own copies on site for your customers. Buy 25 copies in one order to The Graduate Group and receive a PDF to make an unlimited number of additional copies.)

SPECIAL NOTICE: Are you a Kaplan University student? Join me May 4 for a one-hour presentation on hot job resources. I'll be answering your questions live.


KStudent said...

Am a Kaplan student and attended your seminar. Was very informative will now follow your blog and you on twitter. Thank you for the info and the e-book as well. my twitter Kstudent and blog is srkap .

Creating_Job_Security said...

Thank you for attending the Kaplan seminar. I am following you on Twitter and if you'd ever like to ask about resources specific to your field of study, please feel free to ask and I'll help in whatever way I can. Kind regards, Debra

Scott said...

Thank you Debra, as a student new to the field it is good to have any resource I can. I follow your blog and your Twitter as well and enjoy reading them. I will be sure if I need any specific info to either twit it your way or blog about it at my blog and twit a link. I think what you do by speaking to us students is a great thing, I know I often get down and just attending a seminar such as yours helps me to get back on track. I wish you a very happy memorial day.